Buried in Backwater

Day 27

On the bright clear morning of day 27 in Backwater found the party split up as Fenssill and Celd went looking for the castellan to question his knowledge of any of the information we found in the necromancers journal. Meanwhile the rest of the party Dimmed Sum, Isla, Geldon, Dirt and Ahkiell where down at the docks refilling their used supplies. As luck would have it we were all in the vicinity of the docks for what happened next. The morning peacefulness was shattered as strands of some kind of slimy sticky rope came sailing out of the ocean landing amongst the villagers who were going about their busy lives. Several villagers started to be dragged into the ocean as the companions burst into action. Dimmed Sum jumped onto one poor sole to attempt to halt his being dragged into the sea to no avail as we soon realized there was something under the waves with incredible strength that could not be resisted. Changing tactics some of the heroes started severing ropes to save villagers, helped by a stranger who jumped on a rope also, while the rest of us engaged the 6 lizardmen to try and keep them too busy to throw more ropes. As we advanced upon the lizardmen their defenses took shape as 4 well armed and armored lizardmen burst forth form the ocean engaging our advancing force. We had only managed to down a couple of them before we were set upon by 3 very large crocodiles one of which was distracted by a small family of 3 that did not get out of the area soon enough despite our yelling for them to flee. Dimmed Sum, Isla and Lindilli all heroically saved several villagers that had been snared while the rest of us did our best to trim the force of lizardmen arrayed against us on the docks that day. Lest we think we had swung the tide of battle finally in our favor the fates again conspired against us as 4 brutish lizardmen ascended from the depths to engage our beleaguered force. The heroes managed to save all the villagers caught in ropes and clear the docks of innocents with only the loss of the family of 3 unfortunates who had the bad luck to be right in front of where one of the crocodiles emerged from the sea. Free to turn all our attention on the lizardmen, we laid into them with a vengeance. Killing 2 of the crocodiles before another group of 4 lizardmen emerged to start slinging the ropes at us this time. Things took a turn for the worse when a couple of giant brutish lizardmen stepped from the sea, kelp and seawater cascading from their enormous shoulders, they lumbered unto the docks laying about them with abandon. Lindilli fumbled his sword into the sea and had to engage the monsters with just his shield, doing more damage than one might have thought possible. Isla handed him her sward but it too got fumbled into the ocean when a lizardmen knocked it out of his hands. The stranger, now covered in the blood of several lizardmen he had dispatched was felled by one of the monsters. It stood over his broken body bellowing in triumph as the heroes laid into him with a vengeance. Set upon by no less than 20 lizardmen and 3 crocodiles was starting to wear upon the heroes when a creature emerged from the depths and latched onto Dirt. A creature that made the hardiest of adventures blanch. The Otyugh began to pull Dirt into the depths when Dimmed Sum rushed to his aid, straining with all his enlarged might to break the grip of the monster. Without skipping a beat the monster began dragging them both deeper into the ocean towards its slavering waiting maw…………………..to be continued.


Avalon Envec

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