Buried in Backwater

Day 23 part 3

Dimmed Sum tried his Jackie Chan move down the dumbwaiter shaft but slipped and landed on top of Fenssill and they both crashed through the top of the dumbwaiter. As they spilled out into the room Aluca also came down the chute, landing on top of them. Fenssill rolled out of the pile up, came to one knee and fired at the necromancer all in one smooth motion. Time froze (not literally) as the arrow traveled across the room and found the breast of the necromancer, sinking to the fletchings. Isla wiggled out of the chains she was bound in while Aluca extracted himself from the pile up with Dimmed Sum and channeled positive energy at the skeletons. In the next instant the skeletons attacked us. Across the room the necromancer staggered to a knee, uttering an incantation as she ripped her necklace off and tossed it. She was able to croak “Deal with this” before Fenssills next arrow sent her to join whatever shadow world she pulled her minions from. As the others destroyed the skeletons and freed Phlu Ger who was also chained up there was a crashing above the ceiling and chunks of stone started to rain down on us. Aluca stumbled to a knee, dazed from the falling stones as the rest of the group started for the dumbwaiter shaft to climb out. More crashing from above and mad dashing to get up the shaft out of the way of the falling stones. Just as most of the party made it up a giant skeleton came crashing through the ceiling into the room where Fenssill stood alone. He slung his bow, pulled his mace and charged the behemoth to give the rest of the party time to get out. His heroics were for naught as Dimmed and Phlu Ger dropped down the hole the skeleton created and landed on it. The skeleton downed Phlu Ger and dropped Fenssill to a knee when it cleaved the heroes confronting it. With his last conscious moment the barbarian sundered the overgrown Halloween decoration. We bedded down in the room as the barbarian was far to injured to move right away.


Avalon Envec

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