Buried in Backwater

Day 23 continued

The tunnel off the battlement led the group farther into the mountain. Fenssill scouting revealed a trip wire that Geldon was able to disarm. Farther along we came to a 25’ rickety bridge. We had Dimmed Sum move across the bridge first and he found the bridge was rigged to fall. Thinking he could tumble across before it gave out Fenssill urged him to make a jump for it but it proved an ill advised move as the bridge collapsed taking Dimmed Sum 80’ down to a splash. Luckily he was not to injured and was able to climb up the other side and secure a rope for us to cross with.
As the tunnel continued on we came across a couple of humans that had had their skulls crushed by something immensely powerful. We cautiously approached a door we found around the corner and had Geldon getting set to look for a safe way to open it when Dirt, distraught over having to leave his bear on the other side of the chasm flung open the door impaling himself on the spike trap that was hidden in the door frame. We eased him off the spikes and tended his wounds while the rest of us searched the 4 way intersection room we found ourselves in. 2 doors led East and West while the passage continued North. In the West room we found a chest with a couple more dead humans. Geldon checked the chest and we found Banded mail, crossbow bolts, and a whip. In the room to the East we found all sorts of torture implements, clearly well used but mercifully empty. A short way down the continuing passage we found a doorway on either side. The East side was clearly wizard locked we were informed by Celd, from the West we heard snoring and sent Isla and Geldon to investigate.
Celd cast some spell that allowed them to whisper with him as long as they were within range as if they were talking normally. Inside they let us know there was 6 ogre sized monsters snoring away. The 2 sneaky ones came out to consult on a plan of attack and as we deliberated a human came sneaking out of the ogre room, removing the last bit of rope he claimed to have been tied up with. He said his name was Barry and in a very convincing fashion led us to believe he had been tied up in there and was going to be eaten for dinner when they awoke. Despite Barry trying to persuade us to all sneak in and coup de gras all six at once we decided to have the sneaky ones hit 2 of them and run for the big room where an enlarged Dimmed Sum would bottle them up in the narrow passage. As Geldon struck his target he noticed it had a lot more give than an ogres throat should and rolled away from the exploding glue bag under the blanket. The 2 ogres that had been lying in wait for us to spring their trap rolled to their feet and came for our rogues. Geldon shouted a warning and made for the safety of the party while Isla moved a hair to slow and was grabbed by an ogre and flung into a glue trap.
We lost contact from Isla after hearing there was a mage pointing a stick at her. We put her plight in the back of our minds as we were suddenly confronted with 2 very angry ogres. We put down the 2 ogres with a great move by Ahkiell and Celd tripping them up while the archers pin-cushioned them. As soon as we downed the ogres we made for the room to rescue Isla and found her gone. As there was only one way into and out of the room we could see we looked for anything hidden and Geldon found a secret dumbwaiter going down a good 25’. We sent Phlu Ger down the dumbwaiter first and lost contact with him also. Geldon and Ahkiell went next and we heard Ahkiell shout a warning of a mage and skeletons in the room. Fearing he would need immediate help Fenssill dropped down the chute and tried breaking the top of the dumbwaiter to get into the room.


Avalon Envec

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