Buried in Backwater

Day 23

The next morning the party (Dimmed, Phlu Ger, Isla, Geldon, Fenssill, Dirt, Aluca, Ahkiell and Celd) made their way to the vampires lair looking for an easy time looting the dead vampires trove. They were sorely disappointed to find the place already stripped and being ransacked by a couple of giant scorpions. Dimmed made it up on top of the building one of the scorpions was on just as it made it down. Drawn down by the peppering of arrows it was taking. Next Dimmed leapt from the roof attempting to grab the scorpions tail, missing and landing on top of the scorpion that then reached back and grabbed him in its huge pincher. Ahkiell confronted the other scorpion and inside the building and blocked the doorway out. Lucky for him the room was to small for it to wield it’s deadly stinger. As Celd finished off the pin-cushioned scorpion with a magic missile, Ahkiell was grabbed and pulled farther into the room where the giant scorpion could use it’s stinger. After the party finished off the other scorpion and administered an antitoxin to Ahkiell we found the bugbear cavern empty except for a stairwell going up. At the top of the stairs we found a couple bridges crossing the cavern and leading farther up. At this point 4 skeletons at the top of the cavern starting raining arrows down on us and we had no choice but to make haste to engage them in melee to stop the barrage of arrows. Aluca and Celd shined when it came the skeletons setting them on fire and using holy power against them. At the top of the battlement the skeletons were on we found a tunnel leading us farther into the mountain.


Avalon Envec

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