Buried in Backwater

Day 33

The party of heroes finally gets the okay to cast off. Clear skies, a great ship and better Captain.

Day 32
The heroes bid a fond farewell to Geldon and Celd the day before as the 2 adventurers had urgent matters to attend to elsewhere. Luckily the party met with Dengal of Clan Keyforge who was a distant relative of Geldons (Aren’t all dwarves related somehow?). Any relative of Geldons is certainly a friend of ours. Dengal was found in the Bull and Bear enjoying the melodies of a wandering bard we came to know as Pawhl Dayvid, who listened as we regaled Dengal with stories of Geldons and the heroes exploits. Several of the stories Pawhl had already heard though somewhat exaggerated by the locals. He offered to join the heroes and chronicle their adventures for posterity. The party finally noticed a group of the “wererat” clergy at a nearby table listening intently as the heroes planned their voyage so they let word get around that they were only planing on being gone a couple days to a week at best at made sure to mention Geldon and Celd who would be staying in the vicinity. Later in the evening Fenssill made his way to the local castellan and let him know we may be gone longer than he heard, not to worry, and to keep a sharp eye on the clergy we suspect of being wererats. Dimmed Sum also left a note for Lindilli explaining our suspicions.
Day 27 Continued
Aluca and Phlu Gar exited a nearby building, saw what was happening and rushed to their companions aid as Dirt somehow wriggled free of the Otyugh. With more heroes joining the fray Dimmed Sum positioned himself to occupy as many of the enemy as possible and let his friends take them down unhindered while Aluca moved to occupy another front and stop the enemies flowing down the docks. One of the giant beasts turned suddenly and got a shot on the barbarian that floored him as the Otyugh clambered up onto the docks, pressing the heroes farther and grabbing Isla with a tentacle. Before anyone could rush to her aid however she had escaped it’s clutches. Back on his feet the barbarian took a mighty swing that sprayed the docks in blood from the giant beast he nearly cleaved in twain. Truly giving as good as he got. The monk, seeing his party regrouping down the dock starting fighting a retreating action to join with them but the Otyugh moved to cut him off. Thus turning it’s back to the barbarian who promptly buried his sword in it’s hide and Aluca finished it off with a divine bolt of fire. He then channeled a healing energy around the heroes as the remaining lizardmen and Saughin advanced. However they soon reversed course and fled for their lives after the 2nd huge beast fell to the heroes blades. The enemy hadn’t made more than a couple steps in retreat before Fenssill ran to the family attacked by the crocodile. With Alucas help they were able to save all 3 of the family. Out in the sea a ship could be seen making for port at haste, trying to beat the incoming storm. The heroes had just finished checking the raiding party for usable gear and tossing their remains into the ocean when the ship made port and tied up to the dock. Immediately the crew started unloading crates as if they had thoughts on putting the Dawnchaser back out to sea immediately. Andress the head of the local chapter of the Silver Chalice arrived accompanying 2 soldiers sporting armor crafted by a hellish mind, both beautiful to behold and silently deadly at the same time. She explained that the 2 nightmares with her were tax collectors for the emperor and she highly recommended that we cooperate. They were here because word of our deeds had spread and the emperor figured the town must be thriving and thus ripe for a taxing. Everyone took a turn paying a tax though more along the lines of Fenssill who grabbed a handful of coins with out looking at how much and deposited it in the tax mans satchel. Captain Hinge of the Dawnchaser hailed us as we were turning to leave the docks. The heroes filled him in on what had been happening around town while he was away. Mentioning the very recent fight with the lizardmen, who’s blood was only now beginning to wash away with the coming rain, Hinge mentioned that he too had had a battle with a bunch of them not far off shore and that he knew a person in a nearby town that might have insight as to the monsters reasons for being so riled up lately. We promised to accompany him to the other town and see if we could get to the bottom of this mystery. The party spent the next several days resting up and outfitting themselves for the coming journey.
Day 27
On the bright clear morning of day 27 in Backwater found the party split up as Fenssill and Celd went looking for the castellan to question his knowledge of any of the information we found in the necromancers journal. Meanwhile the rest of the party Dimmed Sum, Isla, Geldon, Dirt and Ahkiell where down at the docks refilling their used supplies. As luck would have it we were all in the vicinity of the docks for what happened next. The morning peacefulness was shattered as strands of some kind of slimy sticky rope came sailing out of the ocean landing amongst the villagers who were going about their busy lives. Several villagers started to be dragged into the ocean as the companions burst into action. Dimmed Sum jumped onto one poor sole to attempt to halt his being dragged into the sea to no avail as we soon realized there was something under the waves with incredible strength that could not be resisted. Changing tactics some of the heroes started severing ropes to save villagers, helped by a stranger who jumped on a rope also, while the rest of us engaged the 6 lizardmen to try and keep them too busy to throw more ropes. As we advanced upon the lizardmen their defenses took shape as 4 well armed and armored lizardmen burst forth form the ocean engaging our advancing force. We had only managed to down a couple of them before we were set upon by 3 very large crocodiles one of which was distracted by a small family of 3 that did not get out of the area soon enough despite our yelling for them to flee. Dimmed Sum, Isla and Lindilli all heroically saved several villagers that had been snared while the rest of us did our best to trim the force of lizardmen arrayed against us on the docks that day. Lest we think we had swung the tide of battle finally in our favor the fates again conspired against us as 4 brutish lizardmen ascended from the depths to engage our beleaguered force. The heroes managed to save all the villagers caught in ropes and clear the docks of innocents with only the loss of the family of 3 unfortunates who had the bad luck to be right in front of where one of the crocodiles emerged from the sea. Free to turn all our attention on the lizardmen, we laid into them with a vengeance. Killing 2 of the crocodiles before another group of 4 lizardmen emerged to start slinging the ropes at us this time. Things took a turn for the worse when a couple of giant brutish lizardmen stepped from the sea, kelp and seawater cascading from their enormous shoulders, they lumbered unto the docks laying about them with abandon. Lindilli fumbled his sword into the sea and had to engage the monsters with just his shield, doing more damage than one might have thought possible. Isla handed him her sward but it too got fumbled into the ocean when a lizardmen knocked it out of his hands. The stranger, now covered in the blood of several lizardmen he had dispatched was felled by one of the monsters. It stood over his broken body bellowing in triumph as the heroes laid into him with a vengeance. Set upon by no less than 20 lizardmen and 3 crocodiles was starting to wear upon the heroes when a creature emerged from the depths and latched onto Dirt. A creature that made the hardiest of adventures blanch. The Otyugh began to pull Dirt into the depths when Dimmed Sum rushed to his aid, straining with all his enlarged might to break the grip of the monster. Without skipping a beat the monster began dragging them both deeper into the ocean towards its slavering waiting maw…………………..to be continued.
Day 26

Day 26 found the party finally back to full health from the ministrations of our most capable healers. As we found ourselves feeling ready to tackle another project for Backwater we remembered there is a troll out there some where just aching to get burned to a crisp. With Fenssill tracking the troll it wasn’t long before the troll turned the tabled and jumped Fenssill who had his eyes on the tracks instead of watching around him. The group made short work of the troll and headed back to town with another feather in their cap.

Day 25

Day 25 passed quickly for the companions as they resupplied and allowed Celd to continue work on his spell book. Copying spells into it from the scrolls we found.

Day 24

We awoke in the necromancers chamber and searched for any loot or information as to her name or why she was there. We found a journal detailing bribes of city officials and other nefarious activities. Getting out of the place was much easier than getting in so we decided to head for Hinges place with the info we found on the necromancer.
We filled Hinge in as to what had transpired since last we left his abode and he told us the proper way to fully kill a vampire. After gathering some goods from Hinge we made our way into Backwater.
In Backwater we took Celd and Geldon to the fortune teller where they got their fortunes. We then settled in to rest up some more and let Celd work on his spell book.

Day 23 part 3
Dimmed Sum tried his Jackie Chan move down the dumbwaiter shaft but slipped and landed on top of Fenssill and they both crashed through the top of the dumbwaiter. As they spilled out into the room Aluca also came down the chute, landing on top of them. Fenssill rolled out of the pile up, came to one knee and fired at the necromancer all in one smooth motion. Time froze (not literally) as the arrow traveled across the room and found the breast of the necromancer, sinking to the fletchings. Isla wiggled out of the chains she was bound in while Aluca extracted himself from the pile up with Dimmed Sum and channeled positive energy at the skeletons. In the next instant the skeletons attacked us. Across the room the necromancer staggered to a knee, uttering an incantation as she ripped her necklace off and tossed it. She was able to croak “Deal with this” before Fenssills next arrow sent her to join whatever shadow world she pulled her minions from. As the others destroyed the skeletons and freed Phlu Ger who was also chained up there was a crashing above the ceiling and chunks of stone started to rain down on us. Aluca stumbled to a knee, dazed from the falling stones as the rest of the group started for the dumbwaiter shaft to climb out. More crashing from above and mad dashing to get up the shaft out of the way of the falling stones. Just as most of the party made it up a giant skeleton came crashing through the ceiling into the room where Fenssill stood alone. He slung his bow, pulled his mace and charged the behemoth to give the rest of the party time to get out. His heroics were for naught as Dimmed and Phlu Ger dropped down the hole the skeleton created and landed on it. The skeleton downed Phlu Ger and dropped Fenssill to a knee when it cleaved the heroes confronting it. With his last conscious moment the barbarian sundered the overgrown Halloween decoration. We bedded down in the room as the barbarian was far to injured to move right away.
Day 23 continued

The tunnel off the battlement led the group farther into the mountain. Fenssill scouting revealed a trip wire that Geldon was able to disarm. Farther along we came to a 25’ rickety bridge. We had Dimmed Sum move across the bridge first and he found the bridge was rigged to fall. Thinking he could tumble across before it gave out Fenssill urged him to make a jump for it but it proved an ill advised move as the bridge collapsed taking Dimmed Sum 80’ down to a splash. Luckily he was not to injured and was able to climb up the other side and secure a rope for us to cross with.
As the tunnel continued on we came across a couple of humans that had had their skulls crushed by something immensely powerful. We cautiously approached a door we found around the corner and had Geldon getting set to look for a safe way to open it when Dirt, distraught over having to leave his bear on the other side of the chasm flung open the door impaling himself on the spike trap that was hidden in the door frame. We eased him off the spikes and tended his wounds while the rest of us searched the 4 way intersection room we found ourselves in. 2 doors led East and West while the passage continued North. In the West room we found a chest with a couple more dead humans. Geldon checked the chest and we found Banded mail, crossbow bolts, and a whip. In the room to the East we found all sorts of torture implements, clearly well used but mercifully empty. A short way down the continuing passage we found a doorway on either side. The East side was clearly wizard locked we were informed by Celd, from the West we heard snoring and sent Isla and Geldon to investigate.
Celd cast some spell that allowed them to whisper with him as long as they were within range as if they were talking normally. Inside they let us know there was 6 ogre sized monsters snoring away. The 2 sneaky ones came out to consult on a plan of attack and as we deliberated a human came sneaking out of the ogre room, removing the last bit of rope he claimed to have been tied up with. He said his name was Barry and in a very convincing fashion led us to believe he had been tied up in there and was going to be eaten for dinner when they awoke. Despite Barry trying to persuade us to all sneak in and coup de gras all six at once we decided to have the sneaky ones hit 2 of them and run for the big room where an enlarged Dimmed Sum would bottle them up in the narrow passage. As Geldon struck his target he noticed it had a lot more give than an ogres throat should and rolled away from the exploding glue bag under the blanket. The 2 ogres that had been lying in wait for us to spring their trap rolled to their feet and came for our rogues. Geldon shouted a warning and made for the safety of the party while Isla moved a hair to slow and was grabbed by an ogre and flung into a glue trap.
We lost contact from Isla after hearing there was a mage pointing a stick at her. We put her plight in the back of our minds as we were suddenly confronted with 2 very angry ogres. We put down the 2 ogres with a great move by Ahkiell and Celd tripping them up while the archers pin-cushioned them. As soon as we downed the ogres we made for the room to rescue Isla and found her gone. As there was only one way into and out of the room we could see we looked for anything hidden and Geldon found a secret dumbwaiter going down a good 25’. We sent Phlu Ger down the dumbwaiter first and lost contact with him also. Geldon and Ahkiell went next and we heard Ahkiell shout a warning of a mage and skeletons in the room. Fearing he would need immediate help Fenssill dropped down the chute and tried breaking the top of the dumbwaiter to get into the room.

Day 23
The next morning the party (Dimmed, Phlu Ger, Isla, Geldon, Fenssill, Dirt, Aluca, Ahkiell and Celd) made their way to the vampires lair looking for an easy time looting the dead vampires trove. They were sorely disappointed to find the place already stripped and being ransacked by a couple of giant scorpions. Dimmed made it up on top of the building one of the scorpions was on just as it made it down. Drawn down by the peppering of arrows it was taking. Next Dimmed leapt from the roof attempting to grab the scorpions tail, missing and landing on top of the scorpion that then reached back and grabbed him in its huge pincher. Ahkiell confronted the other scorpion and inside the building and blocked the doorway out. Lucky for him the room was to small for it to wield it’s deadly stinger. As Celd finished off the pin-cushioned scorpion with a magic missile, Ahkiell was grabbed and pulled farther into the room where the giant scorpion could use it’s stinger. After the party finished off the other scorpion and administered an antitoxin to Ahkiell we found the bugbear cavern empty except for a stairwell going up. At the top of the stairs we found a couple bridges crossing the cavern and leading farther up. At this point 4 skeletons at the top of the cavern starting raining arrows down on us and we had no choice but to make haste to engage them in melee to stop the barrage of arrows. Aluca and Celd shined when it came the skeletons setting them on fire and using holy power against them. At the top of the battlement the skeletons were on we found a tunnel leading us farther into the mountain.

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