Buried in Backwater

Tailor's Home

The tailor’s home is a two-story log cabin with exceptional style and security. A locked reinforced front and back door allow entry to the living room and kitchen areas respectively. A recent expedition to the home found some newly constructed tunnels beneath, and a pack of wererats working some diabolical magic beneath the home. The tailor’s guildmaster and his three apprentices were killed in the wererat attack. The wererats ambushed a group of local professionals and were routed. The secrets of the tunnels below persist although no way of further delving was discovered. The professionals turned the home over by writ to Lindili, a local Paladin of the Silver Chalice. The writ was signed from the local land Baron to whatever official of a faction or state would discover this remote property in disarray. The holdings of the home were turned over by the paladin to the local tailors to continue their commerce. The caravan to gain these supplies was successful and returned with the goods unharmed.


Avalon Avalon

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