Buried in Backwater

Day 44 and 45

Evening arrived on the wings of the ever present mosquito’s and other bugs of the swamp. We hear the short guttural barks now every time we turn around and we are all on pins and needles. We decide to travel throughout the night as there is no where to build a fire and no trees big enough to support us high enough out of the swamp to deter predators. It is just as well for stopping would surely mean being surrounded by the pack of velociraptors that the rangers are sure are hunting us now.
Soon enough we hear something large crashing through the brush in our general direction (the barking falling silent) so Dimmed Sum moved out ahead of the party to head it off. Out of the gloom shambles a cyclops who looks at ease playing Blaster to a hag riding his shoulders like Master. Luckily she was in a negotiating mood and bartered with Arctos to neutralize the poison coursing through his veins from the spiders we had encountered earlier. Having none of it and not liking the barbarians attitude she demanded we leave her swamp. Antidote be damned. Though she did warn us not to stop or the raptors would take over take us.
Realizing we could not likely defeat the cyclops and hag in our present fatigued condition we moved on. Eventually we came up with the idea to leave the predator attracting spear in a tree. Thus hopefully letting the raptors think we had camped out in the tree. Hoping for any respite or help getting a lead on them was worth a try. The barking louder and more frequent now. As we leave push through the last of some dense foliage we see the mountain ahead of us an enormous cylcops looking statue a couple of miles farther down the line of where the swamp meets the mountain. As the heroes made haste for the entrance between the statues feet someone glances back and makes out the forms of at least 9 raptors breaking from the treeline in pursuit.


Avalon Envec

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