Buried in Backwater

Day 44

The morning of the 44th found Fenssill in better spirits as he was clearly able to shake off what ever the putrid proboscis of the stirges had infected him with, while Isla could barely be roused from her slumber. We administered a dose of cure disease from our precious stock and the priest attempted to purify the wound as well. One way or the other, she was back on her feet in no time, if not spry and hearty.
The heroes broke camp and had barely made it 100 yards before something rose up out of the water next to Ahkiell. A slimy burbling morass that he cut in half, creating 2 slimy masses that both acted against separate members of the party. Another one split when it was hit ans we had 4 of the things attacking us. Remembering the slimes we fought in the cavers below the Abbey of Angels some of the party resorted to blunt weapons and we were able to smash them into Ochre Jelly oil slicks. Searching the remains of the vanilla pudding like monsters we discovered an amethyst half the size of a mans fist.
It was only a weary hours travel after that Dengal found himself zigging around a tree the rest of us zagged around and was encased in webbing that came shooting out of one of the large trees around us. A second shot of webbing coming from the trees mercifully missed everyone and made it possible for us to triangulate when the webbing was coming from. Not that we needed the geometry lesson as looking into the canopy above revealed numerous very large spiders scurrying into attack positions from whence to shoot more webs at us.
As one of the spiders came scurrying down a tree behind Fenssill, the bard set his spear to help defend the archers back. Seeing this, Fenssill cast grease on the tree and the spider came sliding down the tree onto the braced spear. With no real way of trading volleys with the spiders, the barbarian started to climb a tree to go after the spiders. Sensing that the party needed to take the fight to the spiders the bard tossed a rope up into the trees and tricked it down to us. Aluca raced up the rope to help the defenseless, climbing barbarian who ended up getting bit and poisoned for his trouble. The bard then outlined one of the spiders in glowing fire so the archers would have a better target. Then, with Aluca in the canopy, the bard tricked the rope to coil itself around another one of the spiders so it could not retreat from the hacking blades of Arctos and Aluca. He then summoned an illusion of a 20’ pterodactyl to appear in front of another spider that was creeping up behind the heroes in the canopy, causing it to scurry away in terror of what must be a natural predator for it.
Meanwhile Ahkiell and Dimmed Sum saw to it that Dengal did not suffocate or get snatched up as a morsel by any other spiders.
Shortly after midday the group was shocked when the swamp came alive under Arctos and swallowed him into its leafy embrace. Looking for all the world like he was being hugged by a giant swampthing. Fenssill immediately put 2 arrows into it and was also drawn into its crushing embrace for his troubles. Moving quickly, Aluca and Dimmed Sum tore it to grass clippings before it could do much damage to the heroes in its leafy moldering embrace. In the detritus we found what could only be described as a golems heart of some sort.
Within 200 yards the party was were not surprised by the pair of anacondas that dropped out of the trees. One missed landing on anyone and was decapitated for its foolish actions while the other anaconda dropped onto and started to wrap its constricting body around Ahkiell. The heroes were able to kill it before it could squeeze the ranger into a pulp. Its scaly body unwinding and sinking silently into the murky depths below. Inside the other snake we found a mostly digested native and his gorgeously crafted obsidian greatclub which looked immaculate for coming out of a snakes intestines. To be continued…..


Avalon Envec

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