Buried in Backwater

Day 43

Upon rising the morning of the 43rd Fenssill and Isla had clearly contracted something from the filthy wounds caused by the stirges. Sluggish to rise and with a clearly pallid hue to them, neither felt much like breakfast nor slogging through the humid, insect ridden swamp. With 2 of their number clearly the worst for wear, it was little surprise they were caught off guard by a giant crocodile that emerged from the vegetation laden swamp, grabbed the bard and started to death roll. Luckily for the bard the other heroes were quick to act and killed the monster before it could get very far. Mmmm gator for lunch. Slightly after midday it was proposed that the party rest in some shade out of the sun and during the warmth of day while the weather held.
The party found another suitable hillock though it barely had enough room for half of them to rest around a small fire while the others stood watch. Several hours into the afternoon a barking sound could be heard off to the east, echoed on the west and moved closer to the weary band of heroes. The guttural barks were short and always answered by another from one side of the heroes camp or another. As it started getting dark it was decided to stay where we were as it was dry and comfy enough what with the smoke keeping the bugs away for the most part. Arctos and Delgan were out gathering more firewood in the fading light when they were set upon by 3 Velociraptors. With Delgan protecting his blind side, Arctos was able to remove ones right shoulder from it’s left hip. An often fatal wound. It was lightly argued what gave the remaining 2 velociraptors more pause. The carnage wrought by the grinning, howling barbarian or the rain of arrows falling on them from the 4 archers in the party.


Avalon Envec

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