Buried in Backwater

Day 41

Blessedly the heroes awoke to find Shiralie standing watch over their defenseless, exhausted selves. No doubt saving them from becoming carrion for the numerous pterodactyls circling high above. The heroes thanked her for the rescue and protection she had provided them but found themselves now owing her doubly for their lives. Perhaps even beyond that as she gave us valuable information about the island we had been deposited on.
Through her we leanred of a Saughin war that she was on the cusp of under the seas. The giant lizard creatures we had encountered on the docks were the Shriss whom the natives of this island have been at war with for a long time. She let us know there is a passage way through the mountains surrounding our beach front location but it is several days travel through the swamp to get there, and warned us to beware the swamp Hags. Fenssill took a heading from her directions and fixed the direction in mind using the compass like ability of his magic arrow. Before the heroes could get more information out of her they were forced to make a run for it into the swamp as an enormous wave of crabs came scuttling down the beach towards them. The only thing missing was The Black Pearl riding it’s crest.
Around midday the party encountered a strange tree standing somewhat alone in the swamp, barren of leafy material but looking healthy none the less, emanating an odd odor. One of the more learned adventurers had evidently ran into this sort of flora before and pointed out that the odor actually attracted predators who feasted on the entrails of lesser animals enthralled by it’s scent, while it’s roots greedily sucked in blood seeping into the soil below. Not wanting to be confronted by any predators about but curious all the same we broke off a branch and stored it in an extra dimensional space to prevent the scent from lingering with us. Though we found the pitch nearly impossible to remove from our gloves. We were apparently unable to remove it all as we were set upon by 4 huge caymans that sprung from the surrounding waters. They quickly found we were not the typical prey attracted to the scent of the tree, even if seeming no more intelligent for done so. The barbarian Arctos recalled the hides of these overgrown caymans would make great hide armor if cured properly so we set about skinning the hides of the one that was not to damaged and the bard secured it in his handy haversack.


Avalon Envec

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