Buried in Backwater

Day 38 - 41

The crew set out south on a 3 day tour. A 3 day tour. Enroute to the island to the south the weather started getting rough. The medium cargo ship was tossed. If not for the courage of the heroes crew the cargo would be lost. The cargo would be lost. A thick fog appeared below decks. Strange in the extreme and laughter came rolling out of it’s smothering confines, as the heroes waded in to protect the startled crew they were reduced to entertainers for the troublesome Water Mephits. Knowing something about the fey allowed Ahkiell to deduce that laughter would turn out to be the best medicine when confronted by humor starved Mephits. Ass soon as they left the ship shuddered as it hit something? Or something hit it. Taking on water faster than the heroes and crew could pump it out. Fenssill pulled the tuning fork from his quiver and summoned Shiralie. Luckily for the heroes and crew, she arrived with several dolphins to help aid us to shore. Somewhere along the arduous journey to land the heroes succumbed to their fatigue. Awakening to the sounds of waves crashing ashore, gulls crying and something infinitely larger circling overhead……..


Avalon Envec

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