Buried in Backwater

Day 37

Dawn broke early in the seaside encampment, the smell of ocean air refreshing for the companions who finally got a full nights sleep. Dirt took Dimmed Sum to get tatoos while the rest of us went to meet with Vlim. From Vlim we learned of an islan 3 days to the south of us that is likely responsible for the lizardmen, saughin, scragnoth and beasts we had encountered. He gave us a sea chart showing how to get to the island as well as a tuning fork that could be used in water to contact a druid mermaid he knows named Shiraelie who could assist us. Another frightening portent was revealed to us when he said that the storms we had been encountering were not normal for this time of year either. We decided to see if we could talk the local Grand Marshal to convince him of the gravity of our quest and that it was in his best interest to assist us by perhaps giving us the loan of a ship in his fleet. He was in agreement with us as to the nature of our quest but could only promise to kite out a ship if we can convince a Captain to take us. With a writ in hand for provisions from the Grand Marshal we made our way to the docks and found only a brutish half-orc Captain foolish enough to take us into the unknown. Regrouping at the Dawnchaser, Captain Hamm offered us the services if his ship as he was inclined to help us with anything we needed after helping save his ship. Preferring the good Captain to the run down, aged half-orcs ship the heroes took him up on his offer and soon the ship was being prepared for the journey. As this would take several days the heroes turned to exploring the encampment and gathering the gear they felt they would need.


Avalon Envec

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