Buried in Backwater

Day 36

The heroes are almost to their destination, anchored in another cove for the night with several of the heroes helping with the watches. A resounding thud can be heard at the waterline as if the ship had drifted into something large. Above, a Scragnoth claws his way out of the ocean and onto the deck where it is assaulted by no less than 4 of the heroes. It has bitten off more than it can chew. Battle is raging on the fore deck as something slams into the other side of the ship, bringing the Captain storming on deck shouting orders left and right. We find we are taking on water from something bashing the hull in from underneath so Pawhl wiggles his fingers and makes a coil of rope slither overboard and entangle the creature below, giving the ship some respite from the hammering blows of the amazingly strong Scragnoth. Aluca, out of range and ideas hurdles the railing, dropping onto the 2nd entangled Scragnoth that was attempting to sink the ship. At the front of the ship Phlu Ger cut the 1st monster in half with a powerful blow sending a spray of troll blood to mingle with the salt spray of the sea. The victors then raced to the other side of the ship to see if they could help Aluca who was stabbing at the monster for all he was worth, not making much headway with the close confines of the thrashing entangled Scragnoth who was healing as the wounds as fast as Aluca could inflict them. Soon enough the entangled Scragnoth burst it’s hindrances and escaped.
Meanwhile below decks Isla was helping the sailors to stop the alarming flow of water pouring in through the rents in the hull caused by the Scragnoth. Roused from his slumber, Fenssill finally got his armor in time to go swimming in the bilge to help Isla with the repairs.
By the time the sun came up the ship was seaworthy again and they made it to their destination. The heroes made their way down the docks amongst a bustling military encampment. Asking directions they were pointed to The Stomping Ram as a place with rooms and were given directions to find Vlim as well. With stories overheard from the soldiers in the tap room about the elves making war and expanding their territories the party bedded down for an uneasy rest.


Avalon Envec

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