Buried in Backwater

Day 22

When Dimmed, Dirt, Isla, Phlu Gar, Fenssill and Aluca finally ventured out of the Bull and Bear we headed for the market center where we found the folk were building a significant stone structure. The vendors had moved their stalls to make room for it. Wondering what was going on we ran across the tanner Cholip. He explained that the people of this area where building this tower for the companions who had vanquished the evil at the Abbey. It seems a lot of them had made pilgrimages to the Abbey and had even helped build it. Their farms seem to be growing better already, the weather has been nicer, etc. and they all believe we are responsible. This is their way of saying thanks and no doubt enticing us to stay a while. Cholip mentioned that the local vendors had got together and would offer to replace any of our common supplies arrows, rations, etc. at no cost. He also mentioned an old lady in the market that was telling fortunes but her rates were very high. he said it might be something for us to look into as she has some of the locals spooked. The same as an arcane type old man that just arrived by boat.
We also found that Andress and the Silver Chalice contingent were in town so we headed that way as Aluca had some business with them. They were able to restore Isla from the vampire drain though she said there would always be something dark lingering within her. They were also able to cure the effects of the scorpion poison that Dimmed was still experiencing. While talking with her she explained that their seers had warned that this area may become a hot spot of sorts for powerful enemies in reaction to the good we were doing for the area.
With her warnings echoing in our ears we made our way to the fortune teller where she told our fortunes for a gold apiece. We got a feeling that she was definitely a true mystic. Leaving her abode with a sense that she was not a danger to the community we ran into who could only be the arcane man that came in on the ship, he asked us to take a walk with him to have a talk.
We decided to walk with him and hear him out. He introduced himself as Hinge. In what can only be some sort of powerful magic we found ourselves at the grey tower 2 days from town in the course of about 20 minutes. When he started answering our questions before we asked them aloud we knew we were in the presence of something very powerful. He let it be known he was on our side in the struggles to come and offered to be a high end fence of sorts for any magic we find not useful. We told him of what we had done already (I am sure he already knew it all) and what we were considering as our next course of action. He recommended tracking down the militant group of bugbears, worgs and goblins we tracked earlier as likely needing more immediate attention than the troll. He also let us know that the warlock that scared off the lizardmen may need attention soon also. Somewhere between that and telling us to knock on the grey tower 3x and he would teleport us to his sanctum he let slip he was close to 1500 years old. With a plan of action we left the grey tower to head back to town.
Along the way Fenssill and Dirt hunted to supplement our food stuffs and Fenssill came across bugbear tracks and realized that they were tracking HIM! The group pressed on looking for a more defensible camp site before we had to call it a night. Some time around 2nd watch we heard the worgs coming. We had lit fires farther out and had the full moon for light so we were able to have the archers in the group fire away at the worgs and their riders before all 9 of them were able to close with the group. While engaged with the worgs and their riders, reinforcements arrived…..for them. In the form of 3 bugbears and 4 goblin archers. Aluca heroically positioned himself in front and held 3 worgs and a bugbear occupied while the rest of us slowly chipped away at the attackers. When we had downed roughly half the attacking force the vampire arrived. Heading for the heaviest fighting when Aluca again saved us all by getting her attention with a smite of some sort from his deity. She went after him and had a very surprised look on her face when Aluca bled her with a strike from his new magical sword presented to him by none other than Andress of the Silver Chalice. Much praise has to be given to Phlu Gar for smiting foes all over the battlefield. Wherever a companion was hard pressed he was there to take a head from a worg or cleave a goblin in twain. Dimmed also saved companions in danger with elemental blasts that knocked monsters from their feet to give his companions a moments respite, all while dealing terrible two handed vengeance. Dirt saved us all more than once with his timely healing and great bow work. The vampire took several strikes from Aluca and Dimmed Sum before attempting to flee. To help cover her escape she summoned eight wolves to harry us more. As she started to slip away into the night Fenssill brought her back to earth with several well placed arrow shots. As she collapsed to the earth the wolves and remaining goblins fled. Not wanting to take any chances Fenssill approached the vampire and stuck an arrow through her eye then Phlu Gar took her head.
Taking stock of our injuries we found that not a single person was uninjured and most of us had half a dozen or more injuries of varying degrees of severity. With a few a hours to go before daylight the bloody beaten group settled back down for a fitful nap before the coming dawn.


Avalon Envec

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