Buried in Backwater

Day 19

Day 19 we headed into the mine in the morning. Heading the cavern where we closed up the two holes last time we found a tunnel onward to a cavern with various skulls, idols, etc. littering the floor. As the last of us entered the cavern a double portcullis slammed down sealing off the way we came in. No sooner than the resounding crashing echo faded into the cavern than we were beset upon by 9 nasty looking kobolds and their lizards. These having come from a large hole in the ceiling. As we laid waste to the kobolds the hole (about 30’ up) was sealed from above. With no way to get up there we headed farther into the cavern and found an exit to another cavern. Before continuing farther in we raised the 2 portcullis and jammed them open to guarantee we had at least one way out of this dark hole in the mountain we find ourselves.
Farther in the second cavern we encountered a gigantic scorpion that we were luckily able to defeat with any loss of life. Truly miraculous. After trying to harvest any useful alchemical ingredients from the scorpion and stretched to the limits of our endurance we bedded down for the night.


Avalon Envec

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