Buried in Backwater

Abbey of Angels

The Abbey of Angels stands proud above the town of Backwater, beyond a rough climb through the jagged waste. It is said stone angels guard the entrance to the Abbey and that the interior has been overrun with the darkest powers of death. At one time the Abbey was the temple of Zivael, the protector of the living.
Circling the Abbey is a stone angel construct with a mysterious agenda. A stone angel statue is missing from a broken pedestal in front of the Abbey and this may be a clue to the reason this anima is restless.
The interior of the abbey has been ransacked, ruined and desecrated. The congregation room is a dangerous area, strewn with large pieces of broken benches once used for contemplation and worship. The common rooms are also in disarray. The floor of the southeast common room has collapsed into a dangerous sinkhole at least 40’ in depth. There are feint sounds of running water below.


Fenssill confirmed the presence of the flying stone angels as he had a Very close encounter with one just outside the Gurgling Silver mine. The angel stone angel landed like a cannonball, searched the dead Orreks with a purpose, grabbed Fenssill and ripped his pack off. Searched through it and flew off like a sparrow without taking anything.

Abbey of Angels
Avalon Avalon

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